Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Wrong news Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Wrong news - Essay Example t are delivered the people’s doorsteps every day; others become familiar, trustworthy faces that are broadcast on television for millions of viewers. By creating information, however, journalists of all types can actually become a source of false news. Those who write newspaper articles are often subject to strict deadlines, and sometimes they may feel unable to gather all of the correct information on time, so they fill in some of the small details on their own. Their boss may also expect them to write about something that will grab the attention of many readers, and this sort of news it not always easy to come by – so they decide a little white lie won’t hurt anyone. They may be journalists, but they are still human; and like you and me, they care about keeping their jobs. Those who write news scripts for the television, on the other hand, face a different kind of pressure. In order to keep ratings up, they must present news that people will want to watch. And if it’s going to help the show’s popularity, why not add their own clever twist to the story? It might only be a small percent of journalists who would actually make fake news at the expense of the public, but there are other ways the news can be inaccurate. While certainly not all journalists are as untrustworthy as those in the aforementioned scenario, it should be pointed out that sometimes the sources they gather their information from are wrong. Many journalists and reporters rely on the information that is shared with them by ordinary, average people. Some of these average people may skew the story to protect themselves of someone they know. Or some of these people may add their own opinions to the story, thus altering the story that the journalist interprets and relays to everyone else. Then again, there may even be some people who just like create problems for other people, so they just lied to the journalist for the sake of lying. Whatever the case is, it is important to

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