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The 8220Second8221 World War :: Essays Papers

The 8220Second8221 World War In the book The Battle for History, John Keegan, discusses the various perspectives on World War II. He considers other authentic works, for example, Robert M. Kennedy’s The German Campaign in Poland, Christopher Duffy’s Red Storm on the Reich, The Struggle for Europe by Chester Wilmot and numerous others. He has just broke down these different works. He has summed up the authors’ significant focuses and utilized them to help his own hypothesis, despite the fact that Keegan’s hypothesis about the recorded history of the war is very indistinct. The main hypothesis that I could determine, is that â€Å"[it] has not yet been written.† (30) I'm not catching his meaning by this? The works refered to in the rear of the book number more than one hundred fifty. Various references are made to crafted by different creators. Keegan doesn't appear to tell anything from his point of view, yet state what he has perused. All great and well considering this is history, yet are the past occasions so unmistakably unchangeable? Keegan appears to raise inquiries all through the book, for example, did Roosevelt know about the assault on Pearl Harbor before it occurred? â€Å"There have additionally been investigations of the charge that Roosevelt had prescience however decided not to follow up on it, as a methods for carrying the United States into the Second World War on the counter Axis side.† (17) Keegan doesn't do a lot to respond to these inquiries, basically carries them into the image. The book gives no vibe of completion or goals to the greater part of the inquiries he achieves. Possibly this was his motivation. Subjects in the book up starting with one spot then onto the next. In one passage Keegan might be examining the utilization of the Enigma, a business figure machine; in the following Keegan may start talking about the utilization of U-pontoons. Despite the fact that there is some sensible course through the book, generally the subjects are unsteady, making the work be rough and jumbled prattling. It appears as though the creator is attempting to press as much as possible into as not many pages as could reasonably be expected. Keegan does, nonetheless, give a decent outline of the significant occasions and inside activity that continued during this huge period in world history. He talks about uprisings, vital shelling, spies and different components that had an influence in the ruin of the Third Reich.

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Peer Pressure Leads To Guilt And Destruction

Companion Pressure Leads To Guilt And Destruction Macbeth, composed by Shakespeare, is a catastrophe that indicated the outcomes of Macbeths blame from the friend weight of Lady Macbeth. Woman Macbeth addressed Macbeths masculinity a few times all through the story. Macbeth needed to demonstrate that he was a more grounded individual. Despite the fact that Macbeth demonstrated his masculinity, he lamented his choice. Macbeths choice to execute Duncan was dependent on peer pressure from Lady Macbeth. The character Macbeth had been told by the three bizarre sisters that he would have been the Thane of Cawdor and ruler of Scotland. With the goal for Macbeth to take the seat, he needed to murder King Duncan. Macbeth never posed the inquiry, Do I truly need to execute Duncan so as to become lord? Rather, Macbeth was constrained into his choice by his better half, Lady Macbeth. From Macbeths choice some pose the inquiry, Was Macbeth truly forced by Lady Macbeth? Another inquiry frequently raised is, Why did Macbeth settle on the choice to slaughter Duncan? I accept the fundamental purpose behind the homicide of Duncan was from the friend weight of Lady Macbeth. Macbeth had quite recently come back from halting two attacking militaries, however that didn't prevent him from needing more force. Macbeth was aspiring yet needed he did not have the push to get it going (Snodgrass 37). He frequently considered the outcomes that would occur if he somehow happened to continue in executing Duncan. Macbeth additionally considered the things Duncan had accomplished for him when he served him as lord. He concluded he was unable to force himself to execute Duncan, however he needed more achievement. Then again Lady Macbeth was undeniably more aggressive than her better half. Woman Macbeth was portrayed as eager, copying in ravenous want to have the name of sovereign (Quennell 133). After Lady Macbeth read the letter her better half kept in touch with her she stated, Hurry home so I can contort your speculation with my sharp words toward the snags that hold up traffic of your delegated, an ascent to significance that predetermination and the witches have guaranteed (I.V.24-29). She had an arrangement at her disposal to slaughter Duncan. Woman Macbeth didn't see anything amiss with executing Duncan; she just observed an approach to acquire power. Woman Macbeth called upon abhorrent spirits to get her in the correct attitude to pressure Macbeth. She stated, Come you spirits that tend on mortal considerations, unsex me here, and fill me from the crown to the toe, top loaded with direst cold-bloodedness (I.V.38-41). Go to my womans bosoms, and take my milk for nerve, you killing clergymen, any place in your blind substance you look out for natures devilishness (I.V.45-46). Come thick night, and pall thee in the dunnest smoke of heck, that my blade see not the injury it makes, nor paradise peep through the cover of dim (I.V.48-51). First Lady Macbeth stated, Unsex me here, to demonstrate that she would turn into the other gender. Woman Macbeth for all intents and purposes wished now that she was not a lady any longer, so she could murder Duncan. At that point she called upon the insidious spirits to supplant her bosom milk with sharpness. In conclusion, she requested the night to be secured with haze so she would not have the opt ion to see the injury of Duncan. This indicated the amount she was happy to murder King Duncan. Macbeth told his better half Duncan will remain with us however he will leave the following morning. Woman Macbeth stated, O! Never will sun that morrow see/your face, my thane, is as a book where men may peruse odd issues (I.V.58-61). She told Macbeth, Look like the guiltless blossom, however be the snake undert (I.V.63-64). She at that point stated, Leave all the rest to me (I.V.71). Woman Macbeth implied proceed to treat Duncan like eminence and keep your dangerous plan covered up. Woman Macbeth at that point arranged out the plot to murder Duncan. That incredibly gave her aspiration and long for power. Macbeth mulled over on the off chance that he should execute King Duncan. Macbeth had thought of a few reasons why he ought not and would not like to murder Duncan. In the first place, Duncan was ruler over him. Second, Macbeth was his defender and host since he was remaining at Macbeths house, and he ought not hurt him. In conclusion, King Duncan had been a decent and kind ruler, so Macbeth felt he should never hurt him. Macbeth brought to his wifes consideration that he would not like to proceed with the arrangement to murder King Duncan. He stated, We will continue no further around here; he hath honourd me recently; and I have purchased brilliant feelings from a wide range of individuals, which would be worn now in their most current sparkle, not throw away unexpectedly early (I.VII.31-34). That ought to have been the end, however Lady Macbeth would not take no for an answer. Woman Macbeth encouraged Macbeth to murder Duncan, which in the end prompted his destruction. She didn't just scrutinize his choice, however she scrutinized his masculinity. Men never prefer to feel more vulnerable than ladies. Macbeths spouse stated, When you durst do it when you were a man; and, to be more than what you were, you would be a lot more the man (I.VII.49-51). Woman Macbeth implied on the off chance that you murder Duncan and do what you plan, at that point you will be a genuine man. Woman Macbeth indicated she could be manly when she stated, I have given suck and skill delicate tis to cherish the darling that milks me; I would, while it was grinning in my face, have pluckd my areola from his boneless gums, and dashd the minds out, had I so sworn as you have done (I.VII.54-59). Woman Macbeth communicated an extremely amazing proclamation when she said she would have the option to execute her own kid. Woman Macbeths words were an extraordinary test for Macbeth. Macbeth s tated, Bring forward men-kids just for thy fearless grit ought to make only guys (I.VII.72-74). Macbeth implied you have such a solidified heart, that you should just bear male children (Snodgrass 51). Woman Macbeth felt he was too caring to even think about killing Duncan so as to guarantee the seat. He would prefer to take the seat decently (Snodgrass 37). Addressing Macbeths masculinity forced him into murdering King Duncan. Woman Macbeth gave the reason that she was unable to execute Duncan since he looked an excess of like her dad. She stated, Had he not looked like my dad as he rested, I had done it (II.II.12-13). She was giving a reason for why she would not like to murder Duncan. This indicated she lost quality when she saw Duncan resting, for he helped her to remember her dad. It demonstrated she got frail inside and forced Macbeth. Woman Macbeth attempted to sound extreme when she stated, Unsex me here, yet became powerless when she saw him dozing. Macbeth was anxious about the possibility that that the arrangement will fizzle, and the individuals will discover that he killed Duncan. She told Macbeth, Screw your mental fortitude to the staying spot, and we won't fizzle (I.VII.60-61). Woman Macbeth stated, If we claim to lament for the ruler nobody will challenge us (I.VII.77-79). He at last chose he needed to demonstrate to Lady Macbeth that he was a genuine man. Macbeth proceeded with the choice and killed Duncan. She stated, Smear the countenances with blood. Macbeth cannot, Mocking his shortcoming, she takes the blades and plays out the errand herself (Rozakis 240). Woman Macbeth put blood on Duncans monitors and laid the blades close to them. She left the individuals thinking it was Duncans watches who arranged the homicide of their ruler. The Bible gave us numerous genuine instances of how we have to submit ourselves to our spouses. God provided an order that stated, Wives submit to your better half as is fitting in the Lord (NIV Colossians 3:18). Woman Macbeth ought to have let Macbeth settle on the choice dependent on what he was correct and what he felt was the correct choice. She was just considering herself and what she got from the circumstance. She realized she needed to have the title of turning out to be sovereign and didn't think about the outcomes that could emerge out of the circumstance. I Corinthians 11:3 expressed, The spouse is to expect initiative in the home. The couple should both show love and regard towards one another, yet he ought to have revealed to Lady Macbeth I will do what is best for us. Both Macbeth and Lady Macbeth experienced blame and lament after the homicide of King Duncan. Macbeth experienced lament since he needed to recruit killers to execute Banquo and Fleance to conceal the butcher of Duncan (Rozakis 240). Macbeth started to feel madness from the entire circumstance. Woman Macbeth was influenced from the circumstance when she started to rest walk. As Lady Macbeth was rest strolling, she started scouring her hands. She scoured her hands attempting to get the blood off of them (Quennell 134). She continued reasoning that her hands were grisly from when she spread the blood on the essences of Duncans monitors. This drove her into madness, which in the end drove her to end it all. The tale of Macbeth was a genuine model that demonstrated the impact of friend pressure. Self destruction is the third driving reason for death in America among youngsters. Friend pressure has prompted self destruction, yet additionally medicate overdoses, deadly fender benders, vicious wrongdoing, and undesirable pregnancy (Unknown Author). Youngsters, who have been forced by their companions, once in a while go to self destruction as an exit plan (Unknown Author). Woman Macbeth just idea about popularity and power and didn't consider the results of her activities. She compelled Macbeth, which prompted Duncans murder. She didn't just consider how this choice could influence her. She felt regretful, which prompted her craziness. One activity prompted the homicide of Duncan, yet the homicide of herself.

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Writing Assignments - A Means of Training Writers

Writing Assignments - A Means of Training WritersWriting assignments can be seen as a kind of test. You have to write a short report on a certain topic and try to get an answer from your audience. Since writing assignments are used by schools to train students, this could also be considered as training for writers. Since writing assignments can also be seen as a sort of 'employment' for writers, writing assignments can also be seen as a means of developing writers.Writing assignments are definitely not only one of the most effective ways of teaching, but are also good in developing a writer's skills. For instance, assignments usually involve writing in short paragraphs, or sections of a chapter, and addressing each paragraph with a question. Submitting these assignments to classes and getting answers on their response can be considered as training for writers.Since writers generally prefer writing assignments for classes, it's often times beneficial for teachers to give out their not es and materials on various writing activities to their students so that the students can practice writing and address the questions that they have. This could also be considered as good training for writers, and it could even help the student get better skills at this career.Aside from answering questions and writing essays, assignments can also be used to practice writing and research skills. Although assignments could be one of the most valuable sources of information, students should be given free rein to choose which topic they would like to write about, so that they can develop their own style of writing and get into the habit of getting information.Assignments that are related to their own subjects can make writing easier since the students will be able to enjoy their time more while writing, and focus more on the theme instead of the assignment itself. As such, it's crucial that the topics chosen are not restricted and the students can freely choose their topic.In addition, writing assignments can also be used as a means of motivating students to write on a particular topic. Of course, it's essential that the topic chosen by the students to be interesting and intriguing, but if the students have to answer questions and write about an already popular topic, then they would be inclined to feel that it's not very interesting at all.Another good way to motivate students is by using incentives. Exchanging prizes and other forms of prizes such as money for better grades are useful ways of encouraging students to work harder and finish their assignments in time.Writing assignments also allow students to discover their own talents and ability for writing. It's one of the best ways to discover one's own style and perspective in writing, and if used correctly, it could also help a writer learn about his/her skills.

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Common Numbering Systems Used in Genealogy

Have you ever been elated at the discovery of a compiled family history for your ancestors, only to find yourself confused by all of the numbers and what they mean? Family lineages presented in text, rather than in graphical format, require an organizational system to allow the user to easily follow lines down through descendants or back toward the original ancestors. These standard numbering systems are used to show relationships between generations in a family tree. In other words, who is connected to whom. When numbering your genealogy, it is best to adopt a well-established system that is easily interpreted. Even if youre using a genealogy software program to compile your family history, it is still important to understand the differences and formats of the most widely-used numbering systems. If you plan to publish your family history, genealogical quarterlies, magazines, and other publications may require a specific format, or a friend may send you a pedigree chart that uses one of these numbering systems. It isnt necessarily important to learn the ins and outs of every numbering system, but it helps to have at least a general understanding. Common Genealogical Numbering Systems While genealogy numbering systems vary in their organization, they all have in common the practice of identifying individuals and their relationships through a specific numbering sequence. Most numbering systems are used to display descendants of a given ancestor, while one, the ahnentafel, is used to display the ancestors of an individual. Ahnentafel - From a German word meaning ancestor table, an ahnentafel is an ancestor based numbering system. Good for presenting a lot of information in a compact format, and the most popular numbering system for ascending genealogies.Register Numbering System - Based on the numbering system used by the New England Historical and Genealogical Register, the register system is one of several options for numbering descendant reports.NGSQ Numbering System - Sometimes referred to as the Modified Register System from which it was adapted and modernized, this popular descendant numbering system is used in the National Genealogical Society Quarterly and in many other family history publications.Henry Numbering System - Yet another descendant numbering system, the Henry System is named after Reginald Buchanan Henry, who used it in his Genealogies of the Families of the Presidents. published in 1935. This system is less often used than the Register and NGSQ systems and is not accepted for cert ification projects or by most genealogical publications.

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Evidence Based Practice On Breast Cancer Prevention

Evidence-based practice according to Stevens (2013) began when nursing recognized a gap between what we know and what we do regarding the care of patients. Grove, Gray, Burns (2015) noted that the goal of evidence-based practice was to include the patient and family taking an active role in their health as well as nursing to provide the best possible quality care in a safe fashion with cost effectiveness. Evidence-based practice nursing was utilized in a study by Kratzke, Wilson, Vilchis, (2013) that reached out to rural women regarding breast cancer prevention, information seeking behaviors and interest with the use of the internet, cell phone and text messaging. Criteria and Process for Evidence-Based Nursing Evidence-based†¦show more content†¦In a cross-sectional research study using McGuire’s input-output model by Kratzke, Wilson, Vilchis (2013), it was noted that mammography rates were lower in rural vs. urban populations with less access to screening facilities and that 61% of women in New Mexico lived in areas with a shortage of primary care provider. An imaging center that served two rural counties in New Mexico was used to recruit women to evaluate breast cancer information seeking behaviors among rural women and the use of mobile technology. Inclusion criteria for the 157 participants were based on the American Cancer Society’s recommendation for mammography screening including women age 40 and older, and ability to read and write English or Spanish. Importance of Effective Scholarship Scholarship in nursing according to American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN, n.d.) are activities that advance teaching, research, and nursing practice through inquiry that is significant to the nursing profession, is creative and can be documented, replicated and peer reviewed via multiple methods. Additionally, the practice scholarship includes all aspects of nursing service where there is a direct impact on solving a health care problem or health care problems of a community. Four areas critical to academic work according to Boyer included the scholarship of discovery, teaching, application and integration. Discovery includesShow MoreRelatedA Study On Breast Cancer843 Words   |  4 PagesBreast Cancer Breast cancer is the most frequently diagnosed cancer and the leading cause of cancer death in women (Up to Date, 2014). The associated risk can be as high as 12% for every woman in the United States, regardless of family history (American Cancer Society, 2013). For this reason, care begins with patient education, risk stratification, and preventative medicine. The paper will review preventative options, risk stratification based on genetics and age, and breast cancer treatmentRead MoreThe Risk and Benefits of Estrogen Hormone Therapy for Postmenopausal Women1046 Words   |  5 Pagesrecommendation of estrogen hormone therapy (ET) for postmenopausal women. For advanced practice nurses (APRN), clarification is necessary in order to inform their clients experiencing menopause of the risks and benefits of hormone therapy use. In the United States, breast cancer is the second leading cause of female death behind cardiovascular disease and its etiology is recently becoming more full y defined (Eccles, 2013). Breast cancer is exacerbated by the number of years clients use hormone therapy as wellRead MoreBreast Cancer : Cancer And Cancer Essay1741 Words   |  7 Pages Internationally, breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer and the leading cause of cancer related death amongst women. (CITE) Each year an estimated 1.7 million new cases are diagnosed worldwide, and more than 500,000 women will die of the disease. (CITE) According to (CITE), somewhere in the world one woman is diagnosed with breast cancer every 19 seconds and more than three women die of breast cancer every five minutes worldwide. (CITE) Breast cancer is a heterogeneous condition thatRead MoreThe Aca Requirements For Insurers1320 Words   |  6 PagesThe ACA requirements for insurers to cover mammogram Policy background Breast cancer is the second most common cancer among women in the US. About 40,000 women die from breast cancer each year, making it â€Å"the second leading cause of cancer death among women† (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, n.d.). The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (2010) requires insurers to â€Å"provide coverage for and shall not impose any cost sharing requirements for† preventive services which are â€Å"in theRead MorePrevention Of Complications And Treatment Of Breast Cancer Treatment1418 Words   |  6 Pagesdeveloped lymphedema as a result of breast cancer treatment. Lymphedema is the accumulation of lymphatic fluid in the tissues surrounding a lymph node. Lymphedema occurs when there is a disruption in the lymphatic system caused by either a congenital abnormality or can be caused by surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, injury, infection or blockage (Shahap, 2013). Lymphedema is a chronic and progressive condition that has no cure. Th e patient must understand that prevention of complications depends on self-managementRead MoreBreastfeeding Among Low Income Mothers1682 Words   |  7 Pagespreventing various diseases, infections, and illnesses (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 2011a). Breast Milk is Nourishing An exclusively breastfeeding mother’s mammary glands produce a total of approximately 750 mL of milk per day. Synthesized from substances in the mother’s blood, breast milk contains all necessary nutrients for a baby’s healthy development. For example, human breast milk consists of a specific combination of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, and vitamins. Additional milk componentsRead MoreSocial Determinant Essay1007 Words   |  5 Pages Gender as a Social Determinant in Hispanic Females Related to Diet and Breast Cancer According to a study by Pruitt et al., it was â€Å"recently found that among urban breast cancer patients in Texas, Hispanic women had lower all-cause, but not breast cancer-specific, mortality compared to non-Hispanic White women† (Pruitt, Tiro, Xuan, Lee, 2016, p. 1). A social determinant is defined as a factor such as, income, gender, or discrimination, that contributes to the person’s state of health (NCHHSTPRead MoreInformative Essay : Inflammatory Breast Cancer Essay1736 Words   |  7 PagesInflammatory Breast Cancer Working as a nurse on a busy inpatient oncology unit can be rewarding. It is busy. It can be crazy. I see things that I would have never thought possible. Around Thanksgiving of 2012 I had a lady that came into the hospital with a host of problems. Before I could assess her and see what was happening, I had to peel off a very worn, purple, faux fur coat that was caked with blood. Removing her coat, I could see that her clothes were in similar shape. After going throughRead MoreExplanations and Analyses of Articles: Vitamin D Supplementation and Cancer Prevention1573 Words   |  6 Pagesthe requirements for Vitamin D. The vitamins main role in the body is to sustain regular blood levels of calcium and phosphorous. The latest research on Vitamin D has uncovered the potential in fighting or preventing diseases such as osteoporosis, cancer and diabetes. Explanations and Analyses of Articles A review of current data on bone health, calcium and Vitamin D and dietary intakes of the Vitamin and mineral emphasized that bone loss, osteoporosis and fracture risk are major concerns to patientsRead MoreAmt Task21478 Words   |  6 Pagescentering on cancer, orthopedic and cardiovascular services. The information was obtained through a multitude of sources including: epidemiological surveys, focus groups, interviews with healthcare professionals and healthcare facilities’ planning guidelines. Risk Factors Oncology Services The needs assessment revealed that 15% of the population will be older than age 65 within the next 5 years. 50% of men and 33% of women are expected to develop cancer during their lifetime. New cases of cancer are expected

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Depression Symptoms and Coping Mechanisms Essay - 600 Words

There’s always a reason for the cause of depression even though there might not be anything bothering you at the moment. There might’ve been something bothering in the past that you have forgotten about. A single thought might trigger those feelings that played a role with that forgotten thought. Basic categories of depression according to The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV) are Dysthymia, Major Depressive Disorder, Adjustment Disorder with Depressed Mood, and Secondary depression. There are two other depression classifications that aren’t listed under DSM-IV manual that practitioners often use. They are Endogenous (Chemical) Depression and Exogenous (External) Depression. The DSM-IV is confusing to the†¦show more content†¦Adjustment Disorder is the reaction from changes in your lifestyle for an example, starting school, getting a divorce, or unexpected catastrophes. Depression NOS can be caused by premenstrual and season al depression. Secondary depression would be depression caused from medical disorders such as hypothyroidism. Hypothyroidism is when your thyroid glands don’t produce enough hormones. In order for one to be classified into a certain DSM-IV category, doctors must first identify whether or not it’s either a chemical or an external depression. From studies created by neuroscientists, they have suggested that chemical and electrical responses cause depression. Chemical depression is known to be an imbalance of your neurotransmitters and can sometimes be genetically passed on. Studies show that using anti-depressant drugs can help change the brains chemistry in a positive manner. There are different coping mechanisms that a depressed individual can perform if you identify the problem(s) that are causing you to feel the way you do. Many times, individual’s have more than one problem that can’t be solved all at once. Managing one problem at a time may help you balance your challenges until you have actually developed an official solution. Another coping mechanism with depression is being associated with others. Being in the presence of others can enlighten your attitude towards your problems. Having a clear mindShow MoreRelatedA Stress And Coping Theory Proposed That Stress From Social And Environmental Factors1308 Words   |  6 Pages A stress and coping theory proposed that stress from social and environmental factors underlie how detrimental romantic relationships can be on young female’s mental health (Brooks-Gunn Warren, 1989). This suggests that females maturing earlier than males, are genetically pre-disposed to be vulnerable to stress during this period. Research has found that females carrying a specific short allele are genetically predisposed to depression, following stress-related incidences. This is becauseRead MoreExploring Comorbid Substance Use And Mental Illness1366 Words   |  6 Pageslife from other diseases such as cancer is the primary source of burden. Individuals with comorbidi ty typically experience a decrease in functionality more so than other illnesses due to the early age of onset of substance use and psychological symptoms (Ratnasingham et al., 2013). The early age of onset for substance use can be explained by the most common factor that influences children and adolescences to experiment, which is peer pressure or a desire to belong (Laudet, Magura,Vogel, KnightRead MoreHumor And Its Effects On Human Beings1397 Words   |  6 Pagesused interchangeably, (2) humor has several diverse dimensions, (3) the quantification of humor, (4) positive and negative humor styles. The aim of the present study is to investigate the potential relationship between the use of humor as a coping mechanism, which is a dimension of humor, and the negative Self-defeating humor style. In 2003, The Humor Styles Questionnaire was developed by Rod A. Martin, Patricia Puhlik-Doris, Gwen Larsen, Jeanette Gray, and Kelly Weir, to measure the differencesRead MoreThe Effects Of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder1302 Words   |  6 PagesIn a study done 14 months after a natural disaster, depression was found to be prevalent among first responders who also were local residents of where the disaster took place. The participants were from three different groups. The first was 610 local municipality workers, the second was 421 medical workers, and the third was 327 firefighters. All were given a self-administered questionnaire. The results indicate that higher levels of depression are more significant in medical personnel versus firefightersRead MoreSymptoms And Symptoms Of Dissociative Disorder Essay718 Words   |  3 Pagessharing episodes of the condition. Risk Factors †¢ More common in women. †¢ Stressful life events or trauma. †¢ Family history. †¢ Genetics. †¢ Long term abuse. Signs Symptoms [ Physical ] †¢ Sudden onset of amnesia related to past experiences, including personal information. †¢ Severe HA †¢ Sleep dysfunction [ Behavioral ] †¢ Depression †¢ Anxiety †¢ Suicidal thoughts or actions †¢ Sense of detachment from ones own mind †¢ Blurred sense of reality †¢ Significant stress related to social relationships †¢Read MoreAssessment Tools for Helping the Homeless Essay1192 Words   |  5 PagesDomestic environment c) Health environment 2.) Personality characteristics a) Time pressure b) Driven behavior c) Attitude posture d) Relaxation potential e) Role definition 3.) Emotional responses a) Hostility b) Anxiety c) Depression The aforementioned primary stress components are stress-inducers, stress mediator, and stress indicators based on the areas of life events, personality, and psychopathology. Each of the primary stress components has their own corresponding numbersRead MoreThe Effects Of Eye Movement Reprocessing And Desensitization1596 Words   |  7 PagesPosttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) every year. Every PTSD victim encounters different experiences and symptoms that coincide with their trauma. Many forms of treatment and coping mechanisms have been attempted in the past decade to produce relief. There have been a few successful forms or treatment and there have also been treatment routes that have been detrimental to the success and overcoming of victims’ symptoms. Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is a new treatment option that is availableRead MoreSymptoms And Treatment Of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder ( Ptsd )1570 Words   |  7 PagesPosttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) every year. Every PTSD victim encounters different experiences and symptoms that coincide with their trauma. Many forms of treatment and coping mechanisms have been attempted in the past decade to produce relief. There have been a few successful forms or treatment and there have also been treatment routes that have been detrimental to the success and overcoming of victims’ symptoms. Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is a new treatment option that is availableRead MoreThe Lord, Plans For Welfare And Not For Evil1045 Words   |  5 Pages declares the LORD, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.† Jeremiah 29:11 From a Christian perspective, the scripture above could possibly console an individual during constant battles with a mental illnesses like depression. It suggests that there is a deity that has predetermined your life’s path and that the battles you will face in life will eventually be triumphed over. In turn it provides the reader with a sense of hope and the belief that their future will becomeRead MoreStress : Stress And Stress995 Words   |  4 Pagesdiabetes, obesity, depression, anxiety, skin problems, and menstrual problems. This is all talking about new health issues, however if one already has an existing health issue it can make matters far worse. Stress can cause many types of physical and emotional symptoms. Stress is caused by many different things and if not properly coped with in the proper way. can cause serious physical or emotional issues. There are many ways of dealing with stress. One way is through psychological coping strategies. There

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Digital Transformation of an organization

Questions: 1.Driven change or Digital Initiative? Justify? 2.Describe the IT portfolio at Comfort Taxi. Divide the systems in use according to their use in the organization? 3. According to you, does Comfort Taxi have digital capabilities,If yes why? If not Why? Justif? Answers: 1. The process driven change is preferred over the digital initiative (Sabharwal, 2014). Although, the digital initiative is a more fruitful process, but there is a certain amount of risk that is involved in the process which is not advice able. Hence, the process driven change is the more preferred one as the changes in the organization can done according to the need that arises from the current situation. In addition to this a certain organization is required to go through a certain number of constrains in order to bring about a change with the policy of digital initiative. In addition to this after the implementation of the digital strategy the overall process of the organization can be stagnant for some before being introduced to another change. But, the according to Professor Meir Lehman, an organization must change or they become less effective over the course of time (de Oliviera de Almieda, 2016). And over the course of time an organization requires more specialized tools and resources for changing. Therefor the process driven change seems very appropriate in the situation. 2. The Anthonys Model for the IT portfolio of The Comfort Taxis: Figure 1: The IT portfolio of Comfort Taxis Source: (created by Author) The Comfort Taxis follow the Enterprise Information system (Panetto Cecil, 2013). Among the internal tactics comes the fleet management system, the rental management system and the driver management system. Among the external tactics the Commuter enquiry system, Customer complaint system, the Lost and Found system, the CABLINK system and the CRM or the Customer Relation Management system fall. The operations of the company are: Call center performance: All the operations of the call centers comes under this topic. System Performance: All the operations such as the booking and paying for a ride comes under this system performances. Network Performance: The Network performances are concerned with the performance of the website and applications. Driver performance: The monitoring process of the drivers and the evaluation of their services come under driver performance. 3. Yes the Comfort Taxis have the digital capabilities (Setia, VenkateshJoglekar, 2013). The organization has Cab Link System. It was launched in 1996. It was the satellite taxis dispatch system for the company. Among all the systems the Cab link system has the greatest impact on the customers. It was first and the largest taxi dispatch system in the world. The system was very accurate. They use the Interactive Voice response system and the Global Positioning system. They could locate a taxi on which they have the authority to in just a few minutes or seconds and could also do it with a very high level of accuracy. Hence, it can be aptly said that the Comfort Taxis were digitally very capable. References de Oliveira, R. P., de Almeida, E. S. (2016). Evaluating Lehman's Laws of Software Evolution for Software Product Lines.IEEE Software,33(3), 90-93. Panetto, H., Cecil, J. (2013). Information systems for enterprise integration, interoperability and networking: theory and applications. Sabharwal, A. (2014). Digital directions in academic knowledge management: Visions and opportunities for digital initiatives at the University of Toledo. Setia, P., Venkatesh, V., Joglekar, S. (2013). Leveraging digital technologies: How information quality leads to localized capabilities and customer service performance.Mis Quarterly,37(2), 565-590.