Thursday, October 17, 2019

Supply Network Strategy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Supply Network Strategy - Essay Example It also improves the relationship of each link in the chain and improves the benefits of all partners in the supply chain. Finally, a three dimensional network model of a supply chain can better show that dynamic nature of the behaviors and way of information, services, and materials. A network view guides those who are responsible for strategy design, implementation, and execution to see the difficult relationships of a typical supply chain into the future. This also helps in field of "economies of scope" between the business enterprises. According to above, Supply chain management is represented as a dynamic not as static. This view of Supply chain management has its crucial point on the logical and global attitude of business and its relationships. Information technologies are the facilitators. In which there is not least absence of performance. The theory of supply chain management has commands over the products or services that are beneficial for the company. It is also involved the procedure that is faster then the cost. The term management in Supply chain management has a conservative view of its managerial dimensions, these dimensions can be planning, organizing or controlling the over all activities but there is a very little knowledge about the management of service supply.

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