Tuesday, October 15, 2019

New Scientific Discovery Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

New Scientific Discovery - Article Example The ultimate goal of 4G technology is to increase wireless, long range and high speed signal transmission (Berndt, 2008). I am going to focus on the 4G technology. 4G Technology 4G which is a short form of Fourth (4th) Generation Technology, this is basically the extension of 3G technology but with more bandwidth and services offers in the 3G mobile. It is a successor to the 2G and 3G technologies. Basically, 4G technologies produce a high quality audio and video data streaming through Internet Protocol (IP). It provides broadband connection so that voice calls, media streaming and internet access will be constantly available to the user (Berndt, 2008). Different Technologies appear in many different forms but they are all moving in a similar track. 4G technology has different categories. These includes: UMTS, SDR, MIMO, OFDM, TD-SCDMA and WiMAX (802.16) or mobile structural design. The problem with the current cellular network is that they do not have the available bandwidth necessa ry to handle data services well because they were not original well designed for data; they are improvements on a protocol that was originally designed for voice. Thus, they do not use of the available spectrum bandwidth efficiently. Therefore there is a need for data centered protocol technology. 4G Technology provides a solution to these problems. It is used in the mobile phones with in-built higher resolution digital cameras to facilitate video blogs in the mobile industry (Berndt, 2008).. It offers high data rates with broadband. This will generate new trends in the business industry as it becomes business prospects and market opportunities for the established as well as for new telecommunication firms (Berndt, 2008). The upgrades of technology are incremental, and don’t require a complete reworking of the system. They are fairly cheap because the equipment required is already developed and in mass production in many places in the world. Types of multiplexing in 3G †¢FDMA -Each phone call is allocated one frequency for the entire duration of the call. †¢TDMA -Each phone call is allocated a spot in the frequency for a small amount of time, and "takes turns" being transmitted. †¢CDMA -Each phone call is uniquely encoded and transmitted across the entire spectrum, in a manner known as spread spectrum transmission Cellular Provider System Upgrades 4G technology has got numerous advantages. It is faster and more reliable than the previous technology. For example lower cost, Multi-standard wireless system, higher speed of 100 Mb/s (802.11g wireless = 54Mb/s, 3G = 2Mb/s) and Bluetooth, Wired, Wireless (802.11x). Other features include: Ad Hoc Networking, IPv6 Core. OFDM used instead of CDMA and Potentially IEEE standard 802.11n 4G mobile will be widely used both in internet access service on personal computers and in cell phone communications. It will enable the access and use of broadband connection in homes or in other areas accessible to the network. It is not therefore surprising that the companies trying 4G mobile communication to expand there coverage. Companies use 100 Mbps for mobile users and up to 1 Gbps over fixed stations Wimax Technology    WiMAX stands for Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access. It is one of the telecommunications technologies that offer wireless data transmission through a different form of transmission. It has got approximate speed of 72 M/s through wireless access. It is based on IEEE standard of 802.16, it usually also called as Broadband Wireless Access (Steinbock, 2005).         Wimax (802.16) is the next stage to a broadband as well as a wireless world, extending broadband wireless access to new locations and over longer distances. Wimax

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