Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Organisational Behaviour essays

Organisational Behaviour essays Organisational behaviour is the study of individuals or employees within an organisational environment, aimed at providing the ability to understand subordinate behaviour. A firm understanding of employee behaviour and the factors and attributes that influence this behaviour will enable managers to identify what measures will encourage high performance and satisfy employees. There are many measures and techniques available to encourage optimal performance and ensure job satisfaction. We shall examine motivation and empowerment approaches managers should use to create a satisfying working environment characterised by high performing employees. The Macquarie Concise Dictionary defines motivation as 1. A motivating; providing of a motive; 2. giving purpose There has been many theories established over time that assist managers to understand how motivation works, and what employees value in order to understand what measures can be used to motivate them, below is an explanation on a handful of these theories. Maslows Hierarchy of Needs presents the concept that individuals have varying and different needs and puts these needs in order of importance. Maslows formulation suggests that some needs have higher priority than others and therefore must be satisfied before the other needs may serve as motivators. (Wood, J.M., Wallace, J.P. and Zeffane, R. 2001 ). As shown in the diagram following, Maslow argues that the most pressing need has to be satisfied before another, higher in the hierarchy becomes active. At the most basic level, people have physiological needs - needs stem...

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