Thursday, November 21, 2019

How Could Leader Be Strategic Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

How Could Leader Be Strategic - Term Paper Example The employees of the company are their most precious asset so in order to get the employees in the right direction, making sure they adapt change and they work as per the strategies designed by the leader, leader needs to be not only strategic but also tactful. A strategic leader can not only help companies in achieving its objective but the leader can also create a competitive advantage. We will start by analyzing what is a strategic leader, followed by who should be a strategic leader? , When is the best time to become a strategic leader? , Where should strategic leadership be developed? And then finally, How can we develop strategic leadership?  Ã‚   Strategic leader is someone who can make realistic strategies for the company and who has an ability to influence others and make other believe in his vision and strategies. The strategy he needs to come up should be innovative, practical and should be one which leads in getting company a competitive advantage (Forbes, 2005). It is crucial to make sure that everyone in the organization is trained in such a way that they all become potential leaders. Information should not only stay in the upper rank but also be discussed in the middle and lower rank so everyone gets a chance to present their abilities well (Gilmore, 2007). Everyone in the organization needs to keep one important aspect in mind, that is to create opportunities and then also to utilize the opportunities in the best way possible. So whenever there is an opportunity people with potential should come forward to present their ideas and strategies as opportunity would knock your door only once and there is hardly a second chance. Strategic leaders are an integral requirement of all the organization in today’s world that is the reason why companies invest a lot in making strategic leaders. The most important thing which the leader needs to keep in mind is the self believe and self confidence which the leader have in himself. Some important trai ts include not only knowing and dealing with his/her work area but also being well aware of the surroundings and the business unit on the whole. Realizing importance of good relationship is clear and vital for a good leader as the businesses are interconnected and leader needs to deal with not only the employees but also with the vendors as supply chain management is a very crucial factor, following stakeholders and even competitors. Short term and long term goals are important so strategies should be made accordingly. Cost reduction is a very important factor so the leader needs to have good cost management skills and overall good leadership skills also on a personal level in order to deal well with the co workers. Leader not only needs to have knowledge and skill set which is restricted to him/her self but he should also transfer knowledge to others and then later on the transferred information and personal information can be combined in order to generate best strategies for the c ompany. Using their process we can create an environment of strategic leaders that team up and are committed to create a sustainable competitive advantage (Forbes, 2005). A leader needs to think about the organization in terms of its asset management, they need to think of a bright and successful future for themselves and also for their associates. Corporate social responsibility of the leader also plays a pivotal role here as the leader needs

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