Sunday, November 17, 2019

Computer sciences and technology Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Computer sciences and technology - Essay Example Today, the internet has become an indispensable tool to every facet of the human civilization; be it political, social, or economical. As clichà © as it sounds, it made the world smaller. By connecting people thousands of leagues apart, it altered the way the world interact and helped the culture of each nation evolve towards a more globally centred one. If one will ask any high school student about the essence of the internet, the answer he will probably get is, â€Å"to be connected to anyone in the world†. With the advent and dominance of social networking sites such as Facebook and twitter, it is not surprising at all to have such a mainstream response. After all, the internet is every bit about connectivity. It is about building bridges from one part of the world to another; about destroying the barriers of each culture in order to let them grow and embrace positive changes. The internet has allowed the social scope of every culture to focus not only on a single-race interaction, but rather to foster a multi-racial relationship. Forty years ago, before the internet was born, social interaction is on a more personal level. People can talk just about anything under the sun – from the things they are interested the most to the not so interesting topics at all – with them conversing face to face. Although interaction through the internet can never be as personal as before, the integration of a multi-cultural perspective makes every topic of conversation as interesting, if not even more. This mixed perspective is the primary factor pushing socialization to greater horizons The internet has played a great role in reshaping the face of Politics, particularly its dynamics. It has completely revolutionized how political campaigns are carried out. It can be a highly effective platform with which political views can be shared to persuade people to vote for a candidate. Social networking sites and blogging are now being tapped as a way to

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